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This great formula comes from Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. the leader of the Shaolin Wannahm Institute, with a direct lineage to the Southern Shaolin (Siu Lum) Temple. Its composition of herbs is brilliant, resulting in a liniment that is neutral and perfectly balanced, yet covers the spectrum of functions necessary to minimize injury during training, help heal trauma, and fascilitate recovery.  


This is a balanced formula meaning that it is not focused on one particular function, but is instead designed to cover a broad range of functions such as dispersing stasis, regulating blood circulation, eliminating blood and Qi stagnation, relaxing muscles and joints and more. The combined effects result in a formula that helps with: Pain, Sprain, Strain, Bruising, and Sore Joints. There are herbs directed to the skin and the overall formula is antiseptic and antibiotic helping prevent skin and contact related infections. It has cooling herbs to eliminate inflammation and warming herbs to reduce swelling. It is a masterpiece and a true exposition of yin and yang balance. 


For soreness and pain from overwork, from recovery or from chronic conditions, this formula relaxes muscles and joints and has an special affinity for lower back pain and weakness. 


Each bottle contains 2 ounces of this wonderful gift from the Southern Shaolin Temple, aged for 5 years minimum and ready for topical use. 


Wong Kiew Kit - Siu Lum Medicinal Liniment

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