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Shen's Weight Loss Support Tincture is a combination of 22 herbs. It is also a combination of Chinese herbology, Western herbology modern scientific herbal pharmacology. This is all natural and 100% herbal but the combination includes herbs based on their western pharmalogical content. This formula was developed, used, observed, and fine tuned over a 15 year period and is one of Shen's most valued herbal aids.


The tincture attacks obesity and excess weight from mulitple angles, with herbs to improve energy and stimulate fat metabolism, to herbs that clear and calm the mind to address depression and stress, which are major contributors to excess weight and to overeating. The formula addresses water retention, appetite regulation, mental motivation for being active, bossts energy to combat fatigue and sluggisheness and has herbs to regulate digestion as digestion is the largest peak  consumer of energy in our body and can take this from the brain which consumes the most energy over time. Digestive issues can be a major cause of brain fog, lack of motivation, sluggisheness and contribute to a negative cycle that makes weight loss so difficult. 


Method: Apply 10 to 15 drops under the tongue, 2 or 3 time per day. IF the taste is too strong, you can also mix the drops with a small amount of water, but the effect and the path of absorption will be very different. Caution: Not for use during pregnancy. Keep out of reach of children.

Disclaimer: This is a traditional herbal supplement. The above statements have not been verified by the FDA. User assumes all risk.


Weight Loss Support - Internal Tincture

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