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''Toe Show'' Herbal Fungucide - 1 oz (30ml). Includes dropper. TOPICAL APPLICATION ONLY.

Toe Show is a traditional herbal formula in concentrated tincture form that assists the body in elminating fungal infections and has shown to be effective for the much dreaded and now common Toe Nail Fungus.

Toe nail fungus is difficult to eliminate and most prescribed medications are very harsh, will have side effects and can be damaging to some organs and bodily tissues. Even so, the effectiveness of these drugs varies significantly.

Toe Show is all natural, made from Chinese Herbs known for their effect against fungal infections. In combination, this formula will reduce toxic heat, damp heat, and phlegm from the body, diminishing the body conditions that are conducive to fungal growth. The formula also contains herbs that been shown to stop fungal growth and spread and to attack and kill various types of fungus that attack and grow in the human body.

Herbal therapy works subtly and is not a quick fix. The time for results will vary depending on many factors. Herbs work from inside, with the body for deep and lasting results, but it will take time for this formula to manifest noticeable improvement. Consistency and patience is the key.

Directions: Apply liquid with dropper covering the affected area. Ensure that liquid enters under  the Toe Nail, to the bed of the nail. Make sure nail bed is dry when applying and allow liquid to absorb fully. Cover after application if possible (sock or gauze will work). Apply a minimum of 2 times, morning and night. A 3rd application is highly recommended.

Disclaimer: This is a traditional herbal supplement. The above statements have not been verified by the FDA. For Topical Use Only. Not for use by pregnant women. Keep away from children.

Toe Show - Herbal Anti-Fungal Topical Tincture

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