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Sek Chyun Sau / Ji - Stone Penetrating Hand/Finger formula - Back by popular demand. 


The batch currently being bottled has been aged for 8 years. Stone Penetrating Fingers contains a specific combination of herbs that, with consistent and correct training, will result in extraordinary strength and resistance of the hands, particularly the fingers. Similar results can be achieve on the feet and toes.  The herbs enter the meridians that feed energy to the appendages and increase the flow and concentration of internal energy points of the arms and legs extending to the tips of the fingers and toes.  


In order to achieve results, you must train your fingers, hands and feet following a correct, traditional method and it is highly recommended that you do this under the  guidance of a qualified teacher.  Traiing should include internal Qigong practice for optimal results. The feet can be trained to achieve extraordinary power and resistanceas well. 


Thisis an excellent formula and it will provide health and protection for your hands but is best used when training with an experienced teacher. This formula is much sought after by musicians that need exceptional finger dexterity, flexibility, strength and speed. It is great for recovery  when training exhaustively for long hours. 


Disclaimer:  The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.User assumes all risks. For External use only.


- 2 oz bottle

Stone Penetrating Fingers - Hand Conditioning Liniment

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