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This volume has been one of the most coveted and hard to find videos in Chinese Martial Arts. For many years, it was nowhere to be found and became legendary. We brought the whole Chow Gar Series back at great effort and expense, and with it this truly great volume. 


''Sifu Whitrod presents the ultimate Dit Dar, Dim Mak, Dim Yuet Video. Learn the inner most secrets of the Chinese Martial Arts. How to make Dit Dar Jau (known as Iron Palm Wine). Herbal poultices and much more.


Dim Mak, Dim Yuet

Sifu Paul Whitrod reveals the art of Dim Mak. This video explores the various necessary training methods for Dim Mak. Know about the Thirty Six Death Points on the human body. Know about the Yin Yang theory and the five elements principles of Dim Mak.


Sifu Paul explains the symptoms and herbal remedies of Dim Mak and revival techniques. Many, many points are shown including hidden Dim Mak techniques....''


Truly amazing video. 2 hours and 25 minutes of rarely seen information on Dit Da medicine and Dim Mak. This video covers the step by step instructions for making Southern Mantis Dit Da Jow, the list of 24 herbs used with the Chinese characters and names for each of the herbs. As if that was not enough, this video has one of the most extensive and detailed instruction on Dim Mak striking, showing the specific points, times of day, the effects of striking each point, and methods for counteracting the effects by the use of massage and herbal medicine! WoW! There is nothing else like this out there! 


Truly an outstanding and valuable volume!

Specialty Series Vol 5 - Dit Dar, Dim Mak, Dim Yuet

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