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This formula was given to me many years ago by a Chinese herbalist in Mexico. I was told this formula originates from the She or Snake school of Wing Chun Kung Fu and was passed down to this herbalist from a She Wing Chun Master in Peru, South America. At the time, I did not know of a snake school of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Since then, the existance of Snake Wing Chun has been well documented.

The formula came in two separate parchments with instructions to keep them separate as to keep the formula secret. Each section of the formula was to be filed at a different herb shop so that the full formula was never seen, except by those in the system.

I had the parchments for years until I decided to make a batch.  It is a unique combination of herbs, and shares few with other dit da jow formulas. Over the years, we have had very good feedback on this formula from practitioners of wing chun and other styles. It is an effective training formula for regular training and has been reported to be excellent in resolving bruising, mild to severe swelling, hematoma and relieves pain from injury as well as soreness from excessive training. The formula contains herbs that augment microvasculature and promote chi distribution which when used regularly and consistently along with proper training lead to improved reflexes and enhanced sensitivity.


- 2 oz bottle

She Wing Chun - Dit Da Jow

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