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This formula heals, promotes blood circulation, activates Wei Chi (External / Protective Chi). Excellent for accelerating the healing of bruises, strains, torn muscles, torn or over-extended ligaments, soreness and is even used for fractures and broken bones. Also used for chronic pain such as from arthritis, reuhmatism, carpal tunnel syndrome, cyatic / lower back pain.

Great for strengthening fists, forearms, shins, elbows, knees, feet, and for two man sets, wall bag, wooden dummy, 3 stars and other contact training.

Apply freely to the parts of your body you want to strengthen before and after practicing solo sets or before and after your training routine. Apply before and after contact training.

All who have tried Shen Dit Da Jow have given testimony to its effectiveness including many buyers from ebay.


Note: This is our flagship Dit Da Jow. We use this as our regular training liniment at our school, and we make this in very large quantities. This is an excellent formula with a very long history of great results with hundreds of martial artists of all styles and athletes of almost all sports. We price it lower to pass on the savings on to you. This is one of the best Dit Da Jow formulas available anywhere.


- 2 oz Bottle

Shaolin Temple - Pain & Trauma Liniment

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