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Nettle (Stinging Nettle) is a gift fromt the ancient world. It has been used as food and medicine in both East and West for thousands of years. In Chinese Medicine, it is known as Xun Ma and used for a to treat a multitude of health conditions.


Nettle is a store house of vitamins and minerals needed for maintaining optimal health and thus referred to by some as "Natures Multi-Supplement".  When consumed as a food, garnish, or taken as a tea, the amounts vary and some are quite modest. Still regular consumption is reported to bring health and radiance. When taken as a tincture, the effects are amplfied and quite significant:


90 grams of Nettle contain:

  • 2.4g protein
  • 0.1g fat
  • 27g carbohydrate
  • 6.1g fibre
  • 444mcg vitamin K
  • 428mg calcium
  • 50mg magnesium
  • 297mg potassium


The medicinal benefits of Nettle are legendary and over the centuries, it has been used for skin problems, to alleviate allergies, to stop excess bleeding as well as to help the body overcome serious, chronic and even fatal diseases. Reported and recorded benefits are:


  • Anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Supports bone health
  • Skin-healing properties
  • Can help prostrate health
  • May reduce arthritic pain
  • Helps balance blood sugar
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol
  • May help reduce blood pressure
  • May help prevent certain cancers


For more details on this, please click on the link below. 


Nutritional and pharmacological importance of stinging nettle


At Shen we use the best quality, organic Nettle leaf and extract the maximum herbal essence using traditional extraction with no heat or other types of processing that can affect the quality or strength of the tincture.  Our extraction method provides the purest essence of the mother herbs, and the highest bioavailability and absorption.


Disclaimer: This is a traditional herbal supplement. The above statements have not been verified by the FDA. User assumes all risk.

Nettle Leaf - Gift from the Ancient World

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