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This liniment was created with the combat sports figher in mind. Its purpose is to quickly reduce swelling and pain, to keep the fighter training and ready to fight.


Use for bumps, bruises, swellings, hematomae, contusions,  sprains, twists, pulls, tears, tweaks, cranks, kinks and anything that can affect your ability to train and fight at your best. 


Swellings and hematomae affecting vision, or imparing movement can delay or even stop training until the pain or impairment subsides enough to allow for resumed activity or until the injury ceases to be a threat of causing a more serious condition.  


A sprain or twist of a wrist or ankle will weaken or even eliminate part of a fighter's offensive arsenal and affect their balance and stability.  Repeated strikes to the legs, thighs or shoulders, can cause severe pain and loss of strength. Both can mean a halt to training or fight preparation, lost training time and lessen fighting condition.


Apply this liniment to any of the above to maintain visibility, lower pain and keep usability and strength. Use during training to reduce chance of accidental injury and to increase resitance to damage. Do not apply to open cuts. 


Based on classic chinese martial arts dit da ke medicine, this liniment was created and specifically tailored for the rigours of modern combat sports. 

MMA - Bruise & Swelling Liniment

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