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Uechi Ryu Guza Traditional Uechi Ryu Training Herbal Medicine, 2 ounce Bottle (60ml)


Rare Okinawan herbal medicine attributed to the famous Master Uechi Kanbun. According to tradition, the original formula contained a specific herb from Fukien province in South Coastal Mainland China, that remains the primary element in this authentic formula. This is a very rare and powerful medicine conducive to the type of training used in the Uechi Ryu style of karate and very effective towards the recovery of muscle, joint and bone injuries as can be sustained from practice of this martial art. Helps strengthen and conditioning of the striking and blocking areas of your body.


 Uechi practitioners, please no drama. I will not engage in any arguments over the authenticity of this formula and I will NOT give out the formula, nor will I say how it came to my hands. I tried in the past and all it got me was controversy. But... Do not knock it till you try it and then make your own decision but keep it your own, I don't want to know. I had stopped offering it due to the hornet nest it stirred up, but at the request of a very special and respected person, I am offering this again. Let's keep it courteous and positive.


Disclaimer: The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. User assumes all risks. For External use only.

- 2 oz bottle

Kanbun Uechi Guza Medicinal Liniment

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