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by Master Paul Whitrod

New, Original DVD. in -R format. Very rare material from Master Paul Whitrod, now brought to you by Shen Martial Arts.


''Baat Duan Jin means 8 section brocade, it is a health giving exercise that regulates the internal organs of the body through certain postures... and is very popular all across Asia. 


Sifu Paul Whitrod, teaches you the Baat Duan Jin. Revealing which position has effect over which organ, and relating each exercise with the appropriate acupuncuture point. A remarkable and effective exercise for people of all ages.''


This video covers the first four (4) sections of the Baat Duan Jin, 8 section brocade Chi Kung (Qigong) with breakdown and explanations. 

Internal Training Vol 1 - 8 Pieces of Brocade

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