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This formula comes to us from a branch of Hung Ga / Hung Kuen located in the Philippines, with characteristics of the modern variety, the Lau Ga influence, and of village style that hints of some connection to Ark Wong's Ng Ga Kuen. 


This formula is 100%  geared for hand and fist training. The herbal combination does have some of the staple healing herbs but their role in the hierarchy of the formula is one of support. The leading role is carried out by herbs that strengthen and condition the bones and sinews, that cool the blood and eliminate heat, swelling, nodules or stagnation of fluids, and by herbs that direct Qi and Blood to the hands. The formula also has skin protecting and strengthening  elements, and has analgesic properties. 


This is an excellent hand and fist formula and a beautiful  example of the Art of Dit Da Ke herbology and its amazing herb combining methods and approach. 


Hung Ga Kuen - Iron Fist Dit Da Jow

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