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This is the first time this formula is being made available this widely. It has built up a very high repurtation with hundreds of users within martial arts circles.


Hong Shan Pai translates to "Red Mountain Clan", from the Far North West part of China, and associated with the Northern Muslim martial arts of this region. This part of China is at the far end of the silk road, a highly contested land with a history of conquest and a mixed influence from Turkish Persian and Mongol roots. 


The herbal composition of this formula is straightfoward and it relies heavily on the precious herbs that were a mainstay of trade on the silk road to powerfully remove blood and Qi Stagnation by regulating blood and Qi flow. This gives the formula it is a warm, moving and blood invigorating characteristics. 


There is a unique twist coming from several herbs that are not characteristic nor normally combined with the rest of the formula. These are lesser known, cooling herbs with fight inflammation,  and that are support the skin and fascia and that make this formula different in its approach to the same goal of eliminating pain, swelling, bruising and healing of training damage or injury and faster healing and recovery from strenous physical training and contact.


This formula is preferred by many practitioners who report that this particular formulation has a improved healing effect for them and some even use for their strengthening and conditioning routines. 



Hong Shan Pai - Dit Da Jow Liniment

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