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For hot, red, swollen joints and muscles caused by trauma, injury or illness. Excellent for skin inflammation causing hot, red eruptions, removes toxins from skin and tissues.


This formula is cold in nature, so it reduces swelling very effectively but has the added benefit of stimulating circulation and accelerating the healing process. Ice slows circulation which is detrimental to healing. Use for hot, red joints from arthritis, sprained joints, strained, torn muscles, or just plain soreness from overwork and repetitive motion.


Use on skin that is irritated, inflamed, such as rashes, poison ivy/oak, sunburn, or allergic reactions. Great for insect stings and minor burns. Do not use on open skin. Can be applied with a soaked cotton ball to any area that feels hot, such s forehead, neck during fevers for soothing, cool relief.


- 2 oz Bottle

Herbal Ice - Pain & Trauma Liniment

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