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Hand Crafted, Hand - Held, Multi-Use Iron Skills conditioning Bag. Stage 3, filled with steel shot. An Excellent Practical Training Tool! 


This bag was developed after working with Traditional Martial Artists, MMA Professionals, Muy Thai Fighters, Iron Palm masters, instructors, practitioners and enthusiasts who expressed a need for a small footprint, portable bag that is practical and easy to carry and store yet maintains the traditional elements suitable for on-going advanced training. A challenge indeed, and one that have worked on diligently for a long time. 


We designed this bag in the best size for all to use in multiple ways and meet the portability criteria. The 5"x5" soze pf tje catcj bag was found to be ideal. Durabag material was used to provide more restiance from the forces from a striking bag on a smaller bag size.


The simple look of this small bag hides a traditional iron skills filling using arwwl ahor, rhat provides the striking resistance needed for stqage 3, advanced level training, all the while keeping the weight of the bag low enough for portability yet heavy enough for high level training. The fill includes the little known traditional herbs that mix with the pulverized gravel that strengthen the skin and fascia of the various striking areas of the body, and contribute antiseptic qualities to prevent damage or infection. 


The gravel is natural mountain gravel containing minerals that benefit conditioning as it breakdowns from training. The gravel is washed and cleaned before filling to remove potential contaminants. The bag is 5" x 5 ", weighs 1.2 pounds and is offered made either with our trademark 1" lip that can be used for hanging, nailing, stapling to a wall or without the lip for those that prefer it for catching, clawing, pinching or grabbing. These bags are made of high performance "Durabag" material for durability under long term, continuous striking. This is the ideal bag for continuing your training during travel, for use in the office or any need when you have limited space to carry or use your bag. Please inform us of which variation ( lip or no lip) you want via message or note when you order.

This bag is great for fist, palm and hand conditioning, for grip, finger, claw training or for wrist, clasp, trap, Chin Na training. Use it alone, with a partner or for throw/catching in a group. Hold and strike your shins, insteps, knees, thighs, mid-section, shoulders, forehead, etc. Attach it to your dummy or to a wall for use as a wall-bag. Have a partner hold it and strike you in the back, back of the neck and other areas you cannot reach (be sure to return the favor). Use it for single finger striking, for phoenix eye fists, for leopard fist training, for dim mak/pressure point training and more! 


We have been designing and hand crafting high quality Iron Skills Training bags and tools for over 25 years. and  put our products through the test ourselves and with our students before we offer them to you for your training. We only sell filled bags to ensure the traditional filling is maintained and to provide you with the best, ready to use bags anywhere. 

Hand Crafted, Hand - Held, Multi-Use Makiwara, Iron Palm, Iron Skills Bag Stage3

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