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This is a very powerful Iron Skills (Iron Palm, Iron Fist, Iron Shirt, Biu Gee, Dim Mak) formula originating in a Buddisht Manuscript from the 6th century AD. 

This herbal liniment is made from a formula with 32 different herbs. Use specifically for internal training including Chi Kung (Qigong, Chi Gung, Kiko), Taichi, Water boxing, Dim Mak, Iron Wire / Sanchin and of course, Iron Skills (3 star, Iron shirt, Iron Palm/Fist, Bil Gee / Finger Thrust, etc.). 

This liniment uses traditional rice wine as a base and has been brewed for over 20 months. This is a 100% traditional herbal formula. Do not consume internally. 


Please note: There are a number of different variations using this same name. They are not the same. The original formula we offer is excellent and not to be confused with the lesser variations being sold on the internet. 

Disclaimer: The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


- 2 oz bottle

Golden Lotus - Iron Palm Liniment

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