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Grand Master Doo Wai presents Daoist Monk Fung Doe Duk's Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Meditations. Level 3, Vol. 1 (Special Collectors Volume).


This video is performed and narrated by Grandmaster Doo Wai. In it, he includes instruction on herbal cooking for health and demonstrates the preparation of some recommended dishes. He then covers the Group 1, Level 3 Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Meditations, and then continues with more herbal instruction. Grandmaster includes the formula for several health teas/soups and shows examples of various chinese herbs. Approximately 2 hours of footage.


This is truly a rare collectors volume. Please note, this is rare footage filmed and produced by GM Doo Wai himself, at his home some time in the late 80's to early 90's. There are flaws in the editing and production with some skips and noticeable cuts but there is alot of content and explanation. This is not your run of the mill instructional video.

GM Doo Wai Fung Doe Duk's Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Meditations

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