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by Grand Master Doo Wai 

Shows the small tiger fist form and includes History of Kung Fu, Kung Fu in America, Bak Fu Pai meditation, How to Make 'Jook' rice porridgec and Tonifying rice for replenishing the body after training and instructions on how to make a two ingredient Dit Da Jow. 


The Bonus DVD shows a Bak Fu Pai form executed at full speed and power by GM Doo Wai, the use of the Catch/Grip Bag and the use of the forearm roller. If you haven't seen the GM move  with real intention, the form demo is a treat. Speed and power! 

This DVD and the bonus CD are produced and performed by Grandmaster Doo Wai, the 6th generation inheritor of the Bak Fu Pai system of Kung Fu . Price includes both the Small Tiger DVD and the Bonus DVD. Please note, the Bonus DVD is not available separately or anywhere else.

DVD - Elementary Bak Fu Pai - Small Tiger Fist Form +Bonus DVD

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