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Daoist formula famed for its ability to remove obstruction and open the meridians, restoring the free flow of Chi and Blood. The combination of herbs enters channels in the upper body works particularly well stiffness, tightness, blockage and chi/blood stagnation of the shoulder, collar and neck. This makes this formula specially effective for relaxing, clearing and dispersing and is used for the support of meditative practices. It is most often purchased for its effectiveness at relieving Shoulder Pain.

This formula is cooling and works at a very internal level to invigorate, replenish, relax, relieve and heal. There will be little or no outer signs of this formulas effect and healing comes subtly and naturally. Also contains one special herb considered an immortality herb in Daoist lore which enters the central yin meridian and brings mental clarity, calm energy and deep awareness. 

This formula is of ancient Daoist origin, handed down to us through a small Daoist temple in the west. 

- 2 oz bottle

Daoist 3 Treasures - Dit Da Jow Liniment

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