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Taming the tiger is a reference to mastering the self and overcoming the ego, which are central ideas in Chinese Martial Arts as path to self development and spiritual cultivation. These are very ancient concepts that are still reflected in the names and terminology of the Choy Li Fut system of kung fu. 


The broadsword or Darn Dao is one of the most iconic weapons used in kung fu, second only to the long staff. This is a powerful, explosive and demanding broadsword form the includes and exercises all of the broadsword techinques. 


Presented by Master Doc Fai Wong, the DVD presents two foundation forms, Ng Lung Ma (5 Wheel Stance) and Ng Lung Choy (5 Wheel Fist). The main title form is then shown from different directions and at full speed and slow motion. Some of the main applications are also shown. 


31 min running time.


Choy Li Fut Vol.8 - Tiger Taming Broadsword / Fook Fu Darn Dao

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