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1 ounce (30 ml) bottle of extracted essence of Cat's Claw, age extracted at a of herb to menstrum ratio of 75:1, using a menstrum of 80 proof (40% by volume) food grade alcohol.


Online Article from Dr. Jolene Brighten's Website: Cat’s Claw: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?


For additional information, please view the video attached to this listing. 


How to Use: Apply 10 drops (approximately 1  dropper) under the tongue and allow to absorb for 30 seconds before swallowing. Apply 2  times per day, 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals. Adjust dosage to your specific needs. Can be mixed with warm water. If taste is too harsh, add natural honey. For best and increasing results, use continuously for course of 2 to 3 months, then rest for 1 month before starting another course. 


Ingredients: 100% high quality, organic Cat's Claw extracted in 45% Alcohol at an herb to alcohol ratio of 75:1 (100mg/ml). Extraction is achieved over a minimum of 1 year of aging.


About Shen Tinctures: There are a variety of ways to prepare and use natual herbs, such as herbal teas, herbal powders for mixing with water or juice, capsules containing herbal powder and herbal granules that can be dissolved in your choice of liquid. A majority of these offerings contain herbal concentrates, which are herbs that are extracted in water and heated several times to create a concentrated powder. 

Many tincures sold are extracts of these concentrated powders. At Shen, we do not use processed, concentrated  powders or those exposed to multiple heating / drying cycles, but rather use the raw natural herb and extract the maximum essence in alcohol over a period lasting a minimum of 1 year, and more depending on the type of herb. There is much more to this traditional extraction process, but this “Aging” step is key to obtaining the purest, truest natural essence of the herbs. 

Extraction in alcohol is also a very important factor that ensures the highest absorption of the herbal essence into the bloodstream, or bioavailability. Teas, powders, capsules and granules all loose bioavailability during digestion. Alcohol absorbs directly into the arteries under the tongue as well as into the capillaries that line inside of the mouth, eosaphagus and stomach. In addition, alcohol does not pass through digestion where much of the herbal content is lost and eliminated. This makes tinctures a highly  effective and efficient means of using natural herbs and allows for lower dosages with higher results. The amount of alcohol consumed is minimal with no negative effects. 

Disclaimer: The above statements made about specific products have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. This is for information purposes and is not meant to be constituted as medical or healthcare advice. Always consult with your healthcare professional prior to using any medication, nutritional, herbal, or homeopathic product or before beginning any exercise or diet program or starting any treatment for a health issue. User assumes all risk


Cat's Claw - The Peruvian Herb of Life

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