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This formula comes from Grandmaster Brendan Lai of San Francisco. It is primarily geared towards reducing pain, eliminating swelling and opening the channels. This formula is unique and quite expensive in that it uses a rather large dosage of Musk. Musk is particularly effective for reducing pain, dissipating swellings/clumps, opening the channels, etc. and is know as a particularly effective substance for healing of traumatic injury. It also has the special affinity to the lower back region and is very effective for lower back pain.

This is a very effective all purpose healing dit da jow formula that can be considered the “extra-strength” herbal pain reliever. Great for your regular, consistent, frequent hard training and is particularly useful for all of the sticky/springy hand play of Northern Praying Mantis systems.

For External Use Only. Keep away from eyes and open wounds. Keep away from children.


- 2 oz bottle

Brendan Lai - 7 Star Mantis Training Liniment

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