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 Grand Master Doo Wai teaches the history of Kung Fu in America, traditional customs of herbal training within Kung Fu, basic training techniques such as the roller bar, claw bag, stretching, speed development exercises, meditations and the complete 108 step Dragon Shadow Mantis Hands form done slowly and with close-ups. There is a lot of explanation of details and nuances of training and learning kung fu.


This DVD is typical of some of the more rare material recorded by GM Doo Wai. It is recorded in a small space and repetitive sequences that have already been shown are pointed out but not recorded. This material was originally recorded for a specific group of experienced practitioners and is not explicit or repetitive as in more basic instructional material as it was not intended for an open audience with varying degrees of practice. It is a rare form from a rare style . 


This DVD is produced and performed by Grand Master Doo Wai (RIP), the 6th generation inheritor of the Bak Fu Pai system of Kung Fu. 


1 Hour Running Time.

Bak Fu Pai - 108 Step Dragon Shadow Mantis Hand Form - GM Doo Wai

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