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Pre-Heaven Palm refers to Bagua's internal training aspect, the training of the mind and developing Intention (Yi). This herbal liniment moves chi and blood, increases the circulation of Chi, helps enliven the sinews and improve relaxed body movement. It is for use during solo training of forms, breathing, movement. It will help prevent stiffness, and supports the joints allowing for smooth turning and spiraling movement while preventing painflul pinches, knots and kinks that commonly occur.


This formula also contains ingredients that help eliminate toxins through the skin and as part of its moving and circulating properties. Excellent liniment for any traditional martial art and unique in that it focuses on movement and non-contact aspects of training. Truly an excellent dit da jow.


For Iron Skills type repetitive striking regimens,can be used in conjunction with the Bagua Post-Heaven Liniment for best results. 


- 2 oz bottle

Ba Gua Pre Heaven - Dit Da Jow Liniment

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