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18 Internal Dark Power Hands & Single Breathing Exercises by Master Paul Whitrod

''Chow Gar Praying Mantis Kung Fu has a several different breathing exercises known as Hay Gung in Cantonese, Chi Gung in Mandarin and Ki in Japanese. The use of Hay Gung breathing has many different purposes such as fighting, healing and health.

Sup Bart Um Gen Sau means 18 Internal dark power hands. It is a focused Hay Gung training form that concentrates on a particular move or technique. The benefits of practising Hay Gung training are to invigorate all the internal organs, strengthen the joints, bones and muscle structure. It will also balance the body mentally and physically, the principle of Yin/Yang.''

Awesome instruction in the grandfather of the centerline, close-in fighting arts as developed by the Hakka people of southern China. You don't want to miss this DVD!

Advanced Form 4 - Sup Bart Um Gen Sau

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