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 10'' X 10'' Thick Canvas Bag with 2'' wide top section for hanging. The bag is hand constructed and filled with medicinal beans, rice, and medicinal herbs, this bag is ideal for beginning conditioning to intermediate Iron Palm conditioning This is a traditional mixture / content forfirst stage Iron Palm, Iron Fist or Wall Bag.


The first stage striking bag is filled with a traditional combination of rice, mung beans and an additional small mix of chinese herbs. As the practitioner uses the bag, the contents break down and pass through the canvas into the hands.


Rice or Geng Mi in Chinese herbology, mildly tonifies and moves Chi (QI). Mung Bean or Lu Dou are cold in nature helping prevent excess heat and they also expel toxins that can acummulate with increased circulation from repetitive striking. The additional herbs move Qi and blood to prevent bruising and have antiseptic properties. Although it contains medicinal filling, training without the use of a quality dit da jow is not recommended. 


The striking bag is the heart of Iron Palm training. It is made to rest on a firm surface, with its main use being set horizontally. This bag is made with a 2 inch lip so it can be nailed or hung on vertically and used as a wall bag.


How to use:


Use horizontally or vertically following your style or teacher's regimen of strikes. 


Note: The use of a quality Dit Da Jow liniment is highly recommended for all types of Iron Palm/Iron Body/Iron Skills training. This bag is more forgiving given its mediicinal filling, so the occassional practice without Dit Da Jow is ok, however, for best results, always use Dit Da Jow. 

Iron Palm Striking Bag - First Stage

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