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Back by popular demand, the famous Shen Iron Palm/Body hand crafted, traditionally filled training bags!


Excellent hanging bag with approximately 10'' X 10'' striking area. The filled bag weighs approximately 8 to 10 pounds. This bag is hand constructed and filled with a mix of mung beans, rice and a small mixture of herbs. This filling is used by those starting out on their Iron palm training but also by advanced practitioners that are seeking to "maintain the gain" as a maintenance training bag. Hanging bag striking provides a completely different and much more difficult level of training over stationary or supported striking bag training. It is an important part of training in kung fu or other martial arts.  Develops the ability and explosiveness to striking a ''live'' target with Iron Palm or Iron fist force. This bag is also excellent for finger jab training. fist training, knife hand and more. 


In Kung Fu, it is used to develop penetrating "jing", where the bag is struck with the objective of the force going into the bag with the bag moving or swing as little as possible. Advanced practitioners will develop the ability to strike and have the bag bend, but not swing. The use of the movement of the bag is for training distance, accuracy and speed, so it serves this purpose as well. 


The bag comes filled and closed with the top ring for hanging. Hanging chain/cord or other hanging hardware not included. Shen uses the now rare traditional filling which includes a herbal mixture along with the  mujng bean/rice combination. 


Shen Martial Arts Hand-Crafted, Filled , Traditional Iron Palm/Iron Skills Training bags are widely regarded as the best training bags available. 


User assumes all risk. Iron skills training should be conducted under the guidance of a trained, experienced instructor.

Iron Palm Hanging Bag - Filled with mung bean/rice mix - Excellent!

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