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This is a Wonderful, very effective training Tool.  Approximately 18'' long and 2 1/2'' wide, Thick Canvas Bar hand constructed and filled with natural stone gravel and a small amount of a  traditional herbal mix. The herbs from the herbal mix will break down as training progresses and pass through the canvas. The more you practice,  the more medicinal properties you receive. Ancient and simple, yet brilliant. This filling is for second stage of conditioning, iron body, iron bridge training or for those that have intermediate to advanced experience. 


According to Tradition, the first level of strikes to the extremities builds up the Wei Chi or External Energy, needed for the following stages. Striking the extremities also increase blood flow, and stimulates the bodily generation of hormones and the circulation of lymph. The ancients believed this to also clean and strengthen the bone marrow. So, this type of practice is believed to be excellent for health maintenance and for longevity as well.


Note: The use of a high quality dit da jow or iron palm / iron body / iron skills herbal linement is a requirement for traditional conditioning  training and it is highly reccommended for those following this training regimen.


Disclaimer: User assumes all risk of injury from use or mis-use of this product. The guidance of a trained instructor is highly recommended. A good quality herbal conditioning liniment should be used when training to reduce the chances of injury and to get maximum results.

Iron Body Conditioning Bar - Second Stage

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