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A very unique Dit Da Jow formula, considered by many to be the best overall dit da jow training formula.

The Ho Family formula is based on a the Shao Lin Die Da Shen Yan Liang Fan which means ''Young Forest Striking Divinely Proven Effective Prescription''. The Ho family formula however, uses several western herbs that were used as substitutions for Chinese herbs that were unavailable in America during the 1800's, when the formula was brought to America by Chinese railroad laborers. The Ho family variation was found to have excellent energy moving and healing properties and was passed on as a unique formulation.

This formula has shown excellent results for general healing of lesions and trauma with a special affinity for chornic tendon tendon pain such as Tendonitis.

The Ho family formula was used extensively by practitioners of Bagua (Pa Kua) in the San Francisco Bay Area through the 80's but became unavailable in the early 90's. It is a formula with a rich history dating back to the days of the railroad construction and thanks to friend and collegue Mike Biggie, is now back and available exclusively at Shen Martial Arts. See more information about this formula on my BLOG - Kung Fu Babble

For External Use Only. Keep away from eyes and open wounds. Keep away from children.


2 oz Bottle

Ho Family - Dit Da Jow Liniment

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