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Grand Master Doo Wai presents Daoist Monk Fung Doe Duk's Golden Lotus Level 17 Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Meditations. Add to our repertoire of meditation exercises and qigong practice. This is a 5 DVD series filmed and edited by GM Doo Wai, exclusively for Shen Martial Training Supply in the early 90's.


This level contains seated, standing and moving meditations with the breath percentage method used by Doo Wai to facilitate advancement in breath control. Each Volume is about 1 hour in duration except volume 5 which is 35 minutes in duration. These DVD's were not produced professionally so there are a few abrupt cuts and minor flaws but the content is clear and understable. There are many meditations on each of the volumes. They were only sold online for about a year in the 2005 or so and were very popular but have not been sold since. This is the first time they are available again in over 10 years. I personally did not learn or train from these DVD's since I follow a different lineage of internal training. Some people swear by these meditations and the percentage breath method used by GM Doo Wai.


DVD -R Format transferred from original VHS masters.

GM Doo Wai Golde Lotus Healing Meditations Level 17 Vol. 1 - 5

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