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This formula is geared strictly for healing of deep bone injuries such as bone bruising, fractures, breaks and for the elimination of pain. Excellent for speeding up the healing of Fractures. 

In terms of its pain relieving properties, this formula is very soothing and suitable for massage of sore muscles. Please note, massage is not indicated for many injuries and should only be done to sore muscles and to areas that are tight and require relaxation. Do not massage areas that you suspect have damage to the tissues ie. torn muscles, torn ligaments, tendons, fracture, etc. This formula is very effective for such cases but should only be applied and spread well over the area.

This formula works well in combination with general purpose Dit Da Jow liniments. Use Dit Da Jow prior and during your regular training and use Xiao Zhong Zhi Tong Yiao Jiu liniment for deep seated bone and sinew injuries and pain. In very serious fracture use along with Jie Gu Xu Jin Jiu and apply to gauze to maintain constant contact with injury overnight for continuous absorption. Do not apply to open wounds.


- 2 oz bottle

Fracture Recovery - Xiao Zhong Zhi Tong Yiao Liniment

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