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The small cross form  or Siu Sup Ji Kuen is found in a number of the southern shaolin kung fu systems. In Choy Lay Fut, there are several versions taught at the different lineages and branches of the system. Although they differ in sequences, they all contain the same techniques from the Choy Lay Fut system. 


Siu Sup Ji is considered a fundamental and almost compulsory form in most schools and branches of the style. Some branches refer to this as the small 5 animal form. It is believed that a version of this form was originally taught by Chan Heung when he began teaching his newly formed kung fu style. 


Presented by Master Doc Fai Wong, the DVD presents two foundation forms, Ng Lung Ma (5 Wheel Stance) and Ng Lung Choy (5 Wheel Fist). The main title form is then shown from different directions and at full speed and slow motion. Some of the main applications are also shown. 



Choy Li Fut Vol. 5 - Small Cross Pattern Form / Siu Sup Ji Kuen

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