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This is not a Pa Kwa Chang related form. This is a directional concept within the theory of combat in the Choy Lay Fut system and this is one of the main forms that teaches this concept. Within the Pa Kwa sets in Choy Lay Fut, Yee Jong Bot Gwa is considered one of the best at training this directional strategy. 


The Pa Kwa or Ba Gua forms are rarely seen and are reserved for dedicated students who have proven their commitment to learning this wonderful style of kung fu.  


Presented by Master Doc Fai Wong, the DVD presents two foundation forms, Ng Lung Ma (5 Wheel Stance) and Ng Lung Choy (5 Wheel Fist). The main title form is then shown from different directions and at full speed and slow motion. Some of the main applications are also shown. 


37 min duration. 

Choy Li Fut Vol. 3 - Righteous and Strong Pa Kwa / Yee Jong Bot Gwa Kuen

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