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Siu Moi Fah Kuen is one of the most famous and practiced forms in the various Choy Lay Fut branches. It is a fast, explosive and dynamic form that covers many of the important techniques in the Choy Lay Fut system. There are many complex and advanced applications in this form that are very advanced and the cover the full spectrum of range, angles, and all main combat modalities (striking, locking, grappling, take downs, pressure points). 


Presented by Master Doc Fai Wong, the DVD presents two foundation forms, Ng Lung Ma (5 Wheel Stance) and Ng Lung Choy (5 Wheel Fist). the small plum blossom form is then shown from different directions and at full speed and slow motion. Some main striking applications are then presented. 


40 minutes running time. 

Choy Li Fut Siu Moi Fah Kuen- Small Plum Blossom Form

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