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Excellent, very effective conditioning and health improvement Device Approximately 24'' long and 2'' wide, made of 100% bamboo.


This device has a long history of use for full body conditioning and detoxification. Striking all areas of the body, with the obvious exceptions, will tonify the skin, remove toxins, tighten and strengthen the body surfaces. Normally used prior to taking a shower, strike the body surfaces with a force that you can absorb without pain. Skin should redden from striking. This device is in wide use for reducing and eliminating cellulite, for tightening loose skin and for rejuvinating areas with damaged skin, stretch marks and scarring. Consistent, regular use will yield great results, including increased energy, alertness and sensitivity.


In terms of Iron skills, training with the Bamboo broom conditions the outer layers, strengthening the skin and fascia. Drives Chi (Qi) and blood to the surface, tonifies and enlivens. Improves skin health and resistance. This is an important part of complete, balanced conditioning training. 

Bamboo Body Massage and Conditioning Broom, Strengthening, Health, Detox

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