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Multiple technique/modality advanced Iron Palm bag filled with steel shot + bonus bottle of Stone Penetrating Fingers Liniment!


Although this bag can be used for a variety of training exercises and methods, it is specially effective for finger strengthening. It is designed with a degree of "looseness" of the canvas, allowing for snatching. digging and finger grabbing and greatly works the strength and conditioning of the fingers. 


This is a 7''X 7'' hand crafted bag made of thick canvas and tripled stitched with heavy duty industrial thread. We have our signature 1 1/2'' top portion that serves both as a handle for throwing and catching the bag and other partner exercises, or for hanging the bag for those that want to use this as a wall bag. The bag is filled with enough steel shot to provide the proper striking surface should the bag be used as a striking bag. Because this bag is a smaller format than our typical striking bag, we recommend that it be placed on top of one of the beginning or intermediate level striking bags for added stability and depth for absorption. At this level, the practitioners striking is very powerful and placing this bag atop another bag will allow for additional dissipation and diffusion of the striking force. This is a suggestion and not a requirement as this bag will perform well as a stand-alone striking bag.


For those whose conditioning regimen includes use of a ''catch bag'' for both individual and partner training, this is the bag for you. The bag is not filled to capacity and allows room for grabbing, clawing and gripping the canvas material. Catch exercises are part of some Iron Palm lineages and are a great way to condition and strengthen the hands, arms, stances. They can be done by one, two or by groups and can be performed while moving and sequencing through basic stances and footwork. Great for grip training, wrist strength, finger conditioning for styles and methods such as Chin Na, grappling, Shuai Jiao, Animal styles and for Pressure Point techniques, locks, holds and submission/compliance techniques. This is a great bag that will give you lots of utility and value.


This is an advanced training bag and care must be exercised with its use. The use of Dit Da Jow or Iron Palm herbal medicine is a must and to start you off, a 2 oz bottle of Stone Penetrating Finger Iron Skills Liniment is included at no additional cost.


User/Buyer assumes all responsibility. Shen Martial Arts shall not be held liable for any injury or damage caused by use of this device. Iron skills training must be under the guidance of a trained, experienced instructor.

Advanced Finger Strengthening Catch Bag + 1 Bottle of Dit Da Jow

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