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This is an original Shaolin herbal formula taken from the ancient Shaolin herbal text, 'Shaolin Si Mi Fang Ji Jin'. It is a rare, authentic formula dating back centuries. This formula is beneficial for improving stance work by strengthening the muscles and sinews in the waist, knees and legs. It is particularly useful for practitioners of martial arts, yoga and meditation, who perform deep stances, difficult postures and who maintain positions for long durations. It may also be used by anyone who has weak lumbar, legs or knees and wants to strengthen them.

It is traditionally used for yin energy, kidney water deficiency, or any kind of energy deficiency causing stiffness or sinew and bone weakness. This is a very rare and special formula. It is extremely effective and if accompanied by consistent training, will take your stance work, balance and stability to a very high level.


Excellent for those with lower back, waist, knee and ankle pain, weakness and loss of mobility from injury, illness, overwork surgery or age and works best when taken in conjuction with walking, physical therapy or light 


Be diligent, and reap the rewards: Root of the Banyan Tree, Balance of the White Crane, Stillness of a Winter Pond, Strength of a Bamboo reed .....

Method of use: Take 1/4 ounce 1 to 2 times per day. Can be taken straight or mixed with 2 ounces of water as a tea. An 8 ounce bottle will last between 2 - 4 weeks. Can be used as a tonic or as a supplement during training. Caution: This formula is made with high concentrated alcohol and is very strong. Use only as directed. Keep away from children.

Contraindications: Do not take if you have a cold, or are suffering from poor digestion. Avoid excessive raw foods while taking this formula.

Note: This is the same formula as Tiger Stance Pills prepared as an elixir and ready to use. Alcohol is a very effective medium for effectively extracting the constituents of this formula and adds a yang element to the formulation in its own right. Rice wine contains the exact concentration of alcohol that will still improve the effects of this formula without damaging any of the more delicate herbs. The result is a very high quality extract of high herbal concentration. Very effective!


- 8 oz (240ml) bottle

Tiger Stance - Internal Elixir

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