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This is a Wonderful, very effective training Tool.  Approximately 18'' long and 1 1/2"'' wide, This steel wire conditioning broom complements the Steel Shot conditioning bar. At stage 3, advanced, they are both used to provide the most comprehensive conditioning possible.  


The advanced conditioning broom goes deeper and digs in similar to what a wielded stick or other type of heavy weapon. The iron wire bundle prenetrates and sticks inner muscle and bone, energizing and activating blood, Qi and marrow. There are many benefits to this level of training as long as the correct progression has been followed, the right method is used and a good advanced Iron Palm herbal liniment is used. 


Disclaimer: User assumes all risk of injury from use or mis-use of this product. The guidance of a trained instructor is highly recommended. A good quality herbal conditioning liniment should be used when training to reduce the chances of injury and to get maximum results.

Steel Wire Conditioning Broom - Stage 3 Advanced

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