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This form is steeped in lore and meaning going back into antiquity. Many of the Chinese kung fu styles have forms referncing the Sup or Cross Pattern and the idea of Tiger Blocking or Controlling/subduing the Tiger. Sup also makes reference to the number ten, so some styles interpret this as 10 patterns. 


This is a complex and dynamic form with difficult, advanced techniques, and footwork.  Very good form for advanced combat and for improving and developing flow of movement and the varios types of Jing or expressions of power that Choy Lay Fut teaches. 


Presented by Master Doc Fai Wong, the DVD presents two foundation forms, Ng Lung Ma (5 Wheel Stance) and Ng Lung Choy (5 Wheel Fist). The main title form is then shown from different directions and at full speed and slow motion. Some of the main applications are also shown. 


55 min. running time.

Choy Li Fut Vol. 4 - Cross Pattern Tiger Blocking Form / Sup Ji Jit Kuen

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